Chicago Career Professional Network Presents AI and the Future of Jobs

Elmhurst College and the College of Lake County are co-hosting a workshop around AI and the Future of Jobs as part of the Chicago Career Professional Network workshop series. The goal of workshop is to discuss:

  1. What is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and its relationship to the labor market?
  2. What will the near and long term impact of this technology be on jobs?
  3. How should/could you advise your students/clients to effectively navigate the new jobs landscape effectively using knowledge about technology like ATS?

On March 16, 2021, we will gather remotely to engage in a full day of learning and discussion.

Program Outline

Topic Knowledge Poll

We begin with a poll on the topic of AI and the relation to future jobs.


What is machine AI and machine learning and how is it related to job trends
Dr Sarah Guthals, Principal Program Manager @ Microsoft

Breakout Group

Participants generate questions for panelists

Expert Panel

Hear from various experts on AI and Jobs:

Additional Resources

Resources Shared by Me

Resources Shared by Panelets and Participants

Some of these I haven’t had a chance to explore yet.