Microsoft’s EDU Day: Get started with Microsoft Learn

Higher Education Future Ready Skills Webinar Series

The Microsoft EDU Skills Webinar series is a series of live webinars designed to help students, educators and leaders on this journey. These sessions will cover a range of topics including:

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Get started with Microsoft Learn In this session, Sarah and Shana will introduce you to Microsoft Learn, a free, online learning platform that provides interactive role-based lessons for Microsoft products and more. We’ll show how to get started with Microsoft Learn, where to find appropriate content for students, and how to customize your profile to get tailored content recommendations for your experience level and interests. We’ll also take some time to show off some of our best learning paths for students and show you how you can take your learning to the next level with on demand videos and live streams from Dr. Guthals that authentically explore our novice content. January 25, 2021 4:00 - 5:00pm PT