Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoft Build is a conference for developers.

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Checkout out each of my talks from Build 2020 below, or checkout my playlist featuring all four!

Title Description Video
Welcome to the Student Zone at Build Community Connections experience - The first-ever all-digital Student Zone at Build is just ramping up. Attend this session to get an overview on how to engage with the speakers over the next two days, and even more, how to participate in coding along with them! Watch Now
Studying images of Earth like a NASA astronaut Community Connections experience - Discover an online tool with NASA that couples images captured by astronauts aboard the ISS with satellite imagery. This lesson makes for a unique opportunity to observe climate change on our planet. What Now
Azure Machine Learning in Action! Community Connections experience - What is Machine Learning (ML) and who needs it? ML is making sense of data. So if you have data you want to understand, ML is for you. If you want to build data-driven apps, then Azure ML is for you. Join us for a practical session on ML! Watch Now
What CAN you do at Microsoft? Community Connections experience - Come spend 30 minutes chatting with Video Game Producers, senior game engineers, and program managers who care about the next generation of coding. Listen to how they discovered their careers and how they made Microsoft heir own unique Success Story. Watch Now
Student Zone at Build: Empowering the Next Generation Join Sarah to hear all about how Microsoft continues to commit to student developers worldwide by including them in one of our biggest flagship events: Build. Sarah will tell you how to get the 13-21 year old students in your life involved in learning to code and becoming a part of the developer community, and why you might want to tune in to some of our sessions too! From video games to Azure powered machine learning, the Student Zone at Build is the place to learn, create, and explore! Watch Now