IT Career Energizer: Set Fulfilling Career and Life Goals and Review Them Regularly with Sarah Guthals

Phil’s guest on this episode of the IT Career Energizer podcast is Sarah Guthals. She is currently a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft, focused on education. She received a PhD in Computer Science from UCSD in 2014. During graduate school, she co-founded ThoughtSTEM, a company that teaches children to code through software and courses.

She is also author of a dozen technical books targeted at students and was recently named in Forbes 30 under 30 list and UCSD’s 40 under 40 alumni.

In this episode, Phil and Sarah Guthals discuss why you need to review the direction your life and career is taking, every 6 months, or so. They also talk about imposter syndrome and how it damages everyone, rather than just you.

Sarah explains why you need to tailor the work you do to fit in with…

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Previous guests have included Jeff Atwood (Stack Overflow), Troy Hunt (Have I Been Pwned), Nicole Archambault (La Vie en Code), April Wensel (Compassionate Coding), Kent Beck (Agile Manifesto), Chani Simms (SHe CISO Exec Founder), Danny Thompson (Community Leader), Sanjeev Sharma (DevOps Expert) and many more industry recognised figures.

The IT Career Energizer podcast launched in May 2017 with the objective of serving those wanting to start, develop and grow a career in the IT industry. The host and creator of the podcast is Phil Burgess, an independent IT consultant who has worked in the industry for more than twenty years.

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